Permaculture, Self-reliance, Higher purpose | Scholarships available for motivated individuals | Inquire here!
Permaculture, Self-reliance, Higher purpose | Scholarships available for motivated individuals | Inquire here!

Self-reliance &
Higher purpose

Two week course scholarships available.

Explore the beauty of self-sufficiency at our off-grid permaculture homestead.

Humboldt Farmstay Homesteading Course

Explore Alternative Paths with Munro

Discover a different kind of education at Humboldt Experience Farmstay, where hands-on learning meets sustainable living. Ideal for college students considering a break from traditional academic paths, our farmstay offers a unique opportunity to learn about permaculture, off-grid living, and self-reliance under the guidance of Munro, our experienced homesteader. Whether you’re contemplating a gap year or just looking to enrich your university life, join us to gain practical skills and life lessons in an inspiring rural setting.

From Idealism to Reality

The journey toward self-sufficiency varies widely. Whether you’re starting with a small garden or aspiring to full homestead living, our farmstay offers a realistic glimpse into both the challenges and rewards of off-grid living. Dive into hands-on activities like growing and preserving food, and caring for a variety of farm animals.

Learn from a Lifelong Woodsman and Builder

Munro’s extensive experience in sustainable forestry and building offers a unique learning opportunity. Participate in projects like tree felling and milling for building during your stay.

Enrich Your Knowledge

Our farm is not just a place to work; it’s a place to learn. With an extensive library and Munro’s dual certifications in Permaculture Design, you’ll gain deep insights into sustainable living practices.

Tiny Home Design and More

Explore sustainable building designs with Munro’s Tiny Home Design Certification, or delve into alternative waste management systems. Students receive hands-on experience with milling lumber and using power tools. You will leave with a personalized tiny home design for the home you want to build.

Join Us for a Transformative Experience

Before you commit to homestead living, try it firsthand. We offer inclusive stays with all meals, accommodation, and a personalized skill-building plan. Contribute a few hours of help each day and invest in your future for $500 per person per block, couples/small groups welcome.

Scholarships Available

Secluded Writer’s Retreat Cabin

Nestled in Nature’s Embrace

Escape the digital world and immerse yourself in creativity with our cozy writer’s retreat cabin, set in the serene depths of a lush forest. This sanctuary is designed for those who seek peace and inspiration away from the noise.

Crafted with Care

Built from sustainable, locally-sourced wood, this cabin combines rustic charm with modern necessities, ensuring a comfortable stay while you focus on your writing without any distractions.

A Retreat for Reflection

With its panoramic windows and spacious, light-filled writing nook, the cabin offers an idyllic view of the surrounding woodland. It’s the perfect setting to let your imagination roam free and craft your next masterpiece.

What our customers say

Rejuvenating writer’s retreat

I loved staying at Munro’s farm with my pup. I stayed for a few days to read, write, and retreat. Munro was attentive and kind, bringing me a heater for my cabin on a rainy night. It was great to roam the farm, see the goats and chickens, and meander down to the stream. I will be back!

~ Ricco S.

Cozy Cabins in the Forest

I really enjoyed staying in a cabin on Munro’s land! The cabin was warm and cozy, plus they upgraded me to a nicer one upon arrival just because it was available. His land was nestled right into the forest and had lots of friendly animals (dogs, goats, chickens)! I loved reading in the sauna, great feature. Munro, the land owner, had great hospitality and was excited to share food/tea with me. Would definitely recommend!

~ Kiandra K.

Majestic secluded forest retreat

The meditation cabin was a lovely spot to escape and explore a beautiful piece of the forest right along the river. The property has no cell service and is tucked away on the top of a hill side. The simple outdoor kitchen overlooked the trees and the valley below, while inside the large windows let the forest peak in. The stars were thick at night with no shortage of shooting stars to lead you sparkling into dreams. Munro welcomed me to the farm, explained the opportunities and personal space available for me to enjoy while giving me an introductory tour of his working permaculture homestead. I feel like my journey has just begun and already i am looking forward to my return. 😊

~ Kari L.

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