Permaculture, Self-reliance, Higher purpose | Scholarships available for motivated individuals | Inquire here!
Permaculture, Self-reliance, Higher purpose | Scholarships available for motivated individuals | Inquire here!

Homesteading Course


Munro, with over 30 years of off-grid homesteading experience, offers a unique opportunity at Humboldt Experience Farmstay for individuals and couples to explore self-sufficient living. Participants can gain hands-on experience in growing, harvesting, and preserving various produce, as well as caring for animals like chickens, goats, and a dairy cow. Munro, a certified UC Master…

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While most people were going to college, Munro was going back to the land.
Now with over 30 years of off-grid homesteading experience and a passion for helping people ready to lead a simpler, self-sufficient life, Munro welcomes couples and individuals who want to try living and working on an off-grid permaculture homestead before making their big move from the city.

Practice living on an off-grid homestead to see where you fall on the self-sufficiency spectrum.
When you visit Humboldt Experience Farmstay, you will get hands on experience growing, harvesting and preserving fruit, vegetables, berries and herbs. You will learn the basics of animal care; tending to chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, sheep, goats and a young dairy cow.

Munro has been working in the woods all his life and can share techniques for improving the forest while still using dead trees for firewood.

For those interested in building, we could choose to fell a tree and mill it for use in a building project during your stay.

There is no substitute for life experience, but the farm houses an extensive library of classic and recently printed books on permaculture, building, homesteading, and many other subjects.
Additionally, benefit from Munro’s decades of practical experience and multitude of certifications.
We are happy to share our unique knowledge and experience of semi-remote off-grid living. More details about some specific qualifications we have is in the section directly below.
Beyond lived experience. Certifications:
UC Master Food Preserver Certification

Munro is a certified UC Master Food Preserver. During July, August and September guests can expect to do a food preserving project each week day, including jams, pickles, relishes, chutneys and ferments like kombucha and sauerkraut, as well as dehydrating food with our solar dehydrator.
2 Permaculture Design Course Certifications

Munro has obtained two permaculture design certifications, and has a true purpose to help others put permaculture principles into practice wherever they are.

Tiny Home Design Certification

Munro holds a certification and passion for building tiny homes on trailer frames, and helping others talk through their needs & design ideas. Participants who are interested can expect to leave Humboldt Experience with a scale drawing of their future tiny home and a lot of the knowledge needed to build it.
Alternatives to Septics Certification

Want to know the laws around grey water, septics and compost toilet systems? We’re happy to talk about poop, pee, the history of various techniques for managing human waste, and some hope for wiser systems in the future.
Interested? Here’s the logistics
Its still possible to find, buy and build your rural homestead in any state in America. You can find a place that fits your budget, needs and abilities, but before you buy, give it a try – you’ll be better prepared to meet the challenges along the way.

If you’re interested in this opportunity, text Munro to arrange an introductory conversation at (707)-572-8200.

Basic plan:

All meals included
Accommodation included
You will receive a personalized plan to build skills and knowledge
We expect 3-hours of help each weekday between 9am and noon
$500 per person per 2 week block
Call for Scholarship opportunities.

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Block A (June 1st – 21st), Block B (July 5th – July 26th), Block C (August 1st – August 21st), Block D ( September 1st – September 21st)


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